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The duties of the Regional Office of the Lodzkie Region include the representation of local government’s interests on the interregional arena, in particular by:

  • Interregional Cooperation Unit (Brussels)
  1.   Acquiring information in response to the needs of partners in the region as regards possibilities to apply for funds under selected EU Programmes.
  2.   Seeking foreign partners interested in the implementation of joint projects with entities from the Lodzkie Region and facilitating the establishment of direct partnership relations between regional entities as well as institutions and organisations from other European regions.
  3.   Conducting project activities in Brussels under own projects of the local government of the Lodzkie Region being implemented by the Office.
  4.   Organising meetings aimed at associating partners and initiating the establishment of international consortia including entities from the Lodzkie Region for the purpose of applying for EU funds.
  5.   Acquiring information and monitoring EU legislation regarding issues important as regards the development of the region, in particular through participation in selected meetings, seminars, conferences and study visits.
  6.   Preparing and coordinating thematic events, i.e. seminars, conferences, study visits for members of the Board and aimed at exchanging experiences with representatives of the EU and other regions, securing the region’s interests and lobbying.
  7.   Representing the local government’s interests before European institutions and as part of the interregional cooperation network, including with respect to applications for financing under EU Programmes submitted by regional and local authorities.
  8.   Supporting activities aimed at the promotion of the Lodzkie Region in Brussels.
  • Regional Initiatives Development Unit (Lodz)
  1.   Analysing the potential and needs of entities from the region in the context of possibilities to apply for funds under EU programmes.
  2.   Activating and supporting regional authorities, institutions and non-governmental organisations operating in the region as regards the acquisition of funds offered by the EU, consulting project proposals from regional partners, assisting in the identification of a relevant EU programme and supporting the process of establishing international consortia.
  3.   Maintaining relations with foreign and regional partners, determining the division of tasks and the scope of involvement in individual projects.
  4.   Acquiring information on potential possibilities to finance regional tasks, performed by the Office, from external sources.
  5.   Preparing application documentation in response to selected grant competitions and implementing own projects of the local government being processed by the Office under the Regional Operational Programme for the Lodzkie Region/national programmes/EU programmes.
  6.   Disseminating information about possibilities to acquire financing under EU programmes during mass events, informational meetings, seminars, conferences organised in the region.
  7.   Cooperating with national and regional contact points for EU programmes in order to acquire knowledge for the purposes of own projects and informational activity conducted in the region.
  8.   Coordinating activities related to the planning of the budget for the Lodzkie Region and the multiannual financial forecast, in the part pertaining to the Office.
  9.  Developing, in conjunction with the City of Lodz Office, a draft Budget Annex for the Understanding on Cooperation in the Scope of Joint Management and Financing of the Office and draft amendments thereto.

The structure of the Regional Office of the Lodzkie Region includes the City of Lodz Section dealing with matters concerning the promotion of the City of Lodz. The operation of this Section is defined by separate legal acts.


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