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Our Projects


Lodzkie House participate actively in European projects with cooperation with its partners from ERRIN network and Lodzkie Region. 


What we do

  • Projects Lodzkie speeds up and Lodzkie speeds up II (2007 - 2015). Those projects helped us to build the brand and promote initiatives, interesting ideas and personalities from our region; 
  • Projects related to the EU framework programmes Creative Europe and Europe for Citizens
  • Participation in international research project Smart Spec;
  • Lodzkie House as a place of meetings, events, seminars and expositions;
  • Active participation in promotion and information events in Brussels (fairs, conferences, thematic events);
  • Cooperation with 3 local univerisities: University of Lodz, Technical University of Lodz, Medical University of Lodz;
  • Stimulating a participation of 25 entities from Lodzkie Region in the Horizon 2020 programme;
  • Sending project information to local partners from Lodzkie. 


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